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Wattle Project Launch @ EY

The Foundation launched its Wattle Project with Pundi Produce at EY's Melbourne offices on 23 May.

A big thank you to Chris Thorn and the team at EY, too Coles for its continued financial support and Gavin Wanganeen, the Foundations special Ambassador for generously lending his time and support to this cause.

The launch seeks to raise over $200K for this project to scale up Pundi's wattle plantation and aquaponics operations growing native or bush foods.

At the launch we heard from Gavin Wanganeen on his business ventures post his AFL career, from Topaz McAuliffe, from Coles, on their hugely successful Indigenous employment program and supply chain initiatives for Indigenous enterprises.

We also heard from OSF Trustee Ron Newchurch, of Bookyana and Nunga Produce, about his business and farming success in supplying fresh produce into Coles as well as Pundi's Dominic Smith about the success of Pundi's first stage farm development and his plans to scale up the project with the Foundation - growing native foods for his customers.

The Foundations Chair, Peter Dalton and treasurer, Peter Wilson, outlined the case for the Wattle Project and funding and the importance of Indigenous leadership in developing the farming side of this project.

There will be several short videos uploaded to show how Pundi is going and why the Foundations is doing this plus some recent media on the Project itself.

Check back soon
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