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Pundi Produce joins Outback Spirit in Caring for Country

This year OSF began working closely with Pundi Produce in the Riverland of South Australia. Pundi grow commercial quantities of native herbs and a range of fresh vegetables, using aquaponics, for SA markets. Pundi are keen to expand both on their farm in the Riverland as well as plant wattle trees to harvest sees for commercial applications. Following several site visits, including the OSF Board, we have helped Pundi start this journey as well as link them to other Foundation farmers in SA & the NT.

Dominic Smith of Pundi survey new irrigation works funded by the Foundation

Dominic surveying the new irrigation works on Pundi's Riverland farm

Dominic Smith at his Riveland Farm overseeing new irrigation on the property financed by the OSF

Pundi's Dominic Smith with Foundation Chair Peter Dalton in the Riverland

Dominic with new Foundation supplied grinder for use with Pundi's native herbs. Adding value on farm and providing his customers with what grades and pack sizes they want.

The finished River-mint produce ready to be bagged and sold

Foundation Trustees Juleigh Robins and Yasmin Power view plantings of aquaponic fed chives, Bok Choy and wattle seedlings.

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