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Solanum Centrale (bush tomato) is a species native to Central Australia and one familiar to local Aboriginal people for thousands of years.


Bush Tomatoes are arid country fruits that are used in sauces, dressings and chutneys as well as for fresh meat flavourings. These popular bush foods are sold as chutneys and sauces in supermarkets.


As demand is stronger than supply, there are a range of cultivated bush tomato projects developed or being developed in Central Australia with the support of the Foundation.  Two established farms -  Rainbow Valley in the Northern Territory and the Riverland in South Australia, producing small commercial quantities of processed dried fruit .

Quandongs cultivated by Desert Gardens Produce

Ruth & Max Emery of Desert Garden Produce with Juleigh Robins looking at Bush Tomato Crops


Ruth Emery picking Quandongs at Rainbow Valley Central Australia

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