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Fresh harvested Kakadu Plums

Pat Mamanyjun Torres (Mayi Harvests) and Sibosado Greechan Hoy family for the Minybarl community


Similar to Cape York, communities around Broome and Kununurra have good land and water to grow tropical fruits and cultivate bush foods like Kakadu Plum.


Kakadu Plums are a tropical fruit used in sauces and a range of foods and for flavouring carbonated waters.  These fruits have very high Vitamin C and antioxidant levels. 


The Foundation works with an Indigenous enterprise, Mayi Harvests and Minybarl Community operating under the Gabiny Plum Harvesters Co-op Ltd previously called the IHA Co-op Ltd.


The co-op based in Broome, harvests the plums and other bush foods in the Kimberley from a number of communities.  As demand grows the Foundation is working with another local enterprise to expand and add value to these fruits as well as looking to select a similar partner near Cooktown on Cape York.

Outback Spirit Foundation
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