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The Pundi Wattle Project offers a new practical approach by the Foundation to meet growing interest and demand for native foods, herbs and flavourings in the foods we eat.


A number of Aboriginal growers grow native plants and herbs across the Country.  Their produce is available on a small scale in retail outlets, such as Kungas Can Cook Cafe in Alice Springs, Something Wild at the Adelaide markets, as well as being used in local restaurants and in processed retail products such as those in the Outback Spirit range.

Pundi is a 20 Acre Farm in the Riverland of South Australia owned and operated by Dominic Smith growing, acquaponically, a range of native and conventional fresh produce, and with Foundation assistance, plantings of Wattle, Wild Limes, Quondong and Rosella trees.  


Practical assistance from the Foundation has enabled Pundi to connect with buyers in this market, acquire infrastructure and equipment to process these native ingredients and, importantly, able to generate an income from these plantings.

The Foundation is seeking your support over the next three years to build on this practical model of native Food farming for Pundi into the next decade.


Outback Spirit Foundation
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