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Helping Cultivate Country

Help Change the Lives of Indigenous Australians 

Help us support our communities and our way of life - creating positive and prosperous futures.

Around Australia thousands of young and older Indigenous Australians are living in poverty, dependent on welfare and in danger of becoming affected by drugs, alcohol and domestic violence. Traditional family units and culture are being lost as is vital unique knowledge about plants and cultivation methods that are unique to the Australian landscape.


Native food growers such as Pat Mamanyjun Torres from West Kimberly and Max and Ruth Emery from Rainbow Valley, NT in conjunction with the Outback Spirit Foundation know there is a better way but they need your help.

On occasions such as Australia Day, we especially look to Australians to support OSF work with Indigenous Farmer Communities.


Please take this opportunity to donate to the work of OSF with the Indigenous Farmer Community. It is one small and appropriate way to pay tribute to the survival and culture of Indigenous Australia.


If you are having a Bar-B-Que, or just a few drinks, please pass around the hat, and then donate the amount to help Indigenous farmers.

Australia Day tribute to indigenous farmers

This is a unique opportunity to provide young indigenous Australians sustainable employment opportunities to help them to regain pride and self-esteem as they find out how indigenous knowledge can be appreciated and acknowledged. At the same time supporting the future of sustainable agriculture. Proven programs developed around the supply of bush foods can help these families move out of the poverty trap and cycle of welfare dependency and lack of hope. They can provide the raw ingredients to produce healthy, chemical free, in demand products unique to outback Australia and Aboriginal culture and heritage.


Your tax deductible donation will enhance the prosperity of Australia by supporting the longer term viability of Australian indigenous communities, their culture and aboriginal knowledge of bush food. It will help to grow a unique Australian industry in iconic areas such as Yorke Peninsula, Broome, Alice Springs, Cooktown and the Kimberley Region.

Donate to change the lives of Indigenous Australians

Donate towards the future of sustainable, ethically produced foods.

Help First Australians
  • Many thousands of acres of Australia consist of arid non farming land that with indigenous knowledge could be turned into land producing unique Australian products

  • Australian aboriginal communities are struggling with constant cycles of poor education and health, high unemployment and passive welfare dependency yet have thousands of years of knowledge of bush tucker from unique Australian flora.

  • People world-wide are looking for chemical and gluten free, natural, vitamin and antioxidant rich foods.

  • Aboriginal knowledge allows for the development of agricultural products that include native foods common to each local region such as Cooktown, Alice Springs, Yorke Peninsula and the Kimberly whilst preserving sacred sites.

  • Individual communities can be provided with a greater opportunity for self-determination, community development and independence.

  • Join with other businesses such as Coles and Target and Oxfarm to support this unique social enterprise.

  • Help Indigenous families to stay together and maintain unique culture, heritage and community.


Donate to change the lives of Indigenous Australians

Donate towards the future of sustainable, ethically produced foods.

Donate to change the lives of Indigenous Australians

Donate towards the future of sustainable, ethically produced foods.

Your tax deductible donation will help achieve:

  • The establishment of sustainable agricultural businesses for remote communities

  • Maintain Aboriginal culture and sense of country and keep alive unique cultural history and customs.

  • Provide indigenous youth opportunities to pro-actively contribute to their own future in order to help them avoid the welfare dependence cycle.

  • Create viable employment opportunities in areas traditionally experiencing high unemployment.

  • Help indigenous Australians achieve higher levels of economic independence and financial support and generate self- esteem and pride.

  • Aid in expanding a unique, totally Australian, value-added industry producing unique products with proven demand products such as: Mango and native Mint Chutney, Wild Rosella and Cranbury Chutney, Kakadu Plum & Sweet Chilli Sauce, Lemon Myrtle Coconut and Chilli Sauce, Outback Tomato Sauce, Wild lime dressing and condiments such as mountain Pepper Herb.

  • Ensure irreplaceable native foods are valued and preserved for current and future generations.

  • Be part of an opportunity to donate towards the prosperity of Australia while also contributing to social inequality for our indigenous inhabitants.

  • A donation that helps not just now but will support the longer term viability of communities.



Donate to change the lives of Indigenous Australians

Donate towards the future of sustainable, ethically produced foods.

Here's some examples of what your tax deductible donation can contribute towards:
  • $40 will provide 17 litres of diesel fuel.

  • $100 will enable 2.5 days of water pumped to the surface for irrigation

  • $500 will cover the cost of a fuel pump to irrigate crops

  • $750 will enable the purchase of seedlings to plant a few acres and

  • $1500 will allow the installation of a water pump


Please give as much as you can while you are here.

Projects will get underway as soon as you and others can help.

Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE


"We believe that broad acceptance and consumption of bush foods by all Australians, inclusive of Indigenous Australian enterprises and culture, is a form of edible reconciliation that will nourish greater cultural understanding and respect within the Australian community"   

Juleigh and Ian Robins – Robins Foods


"Our land is totally very productive we have the knowledge to know that healthy, sustainable, in-demand food can be produced from this land" 

Pat Mamanyjun Torres from Mayi Harvests


“A lot of the young people are not knowing any of this information and it’s good to hand down the knowledge to the young people so they respect and know that it's an important plant to our people”

Victoria Dobson in Anpernirrentye on NintiOne 


Donate to change the lives of Indigenous Australians

Donate towards the future of sustainable, ethically produced foods.

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